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Zen Garden

Program Administrator
Wellness & Advocacy Committee


To empower GME, UME, and CME staff to strengthen, promote, and enhance their professional careers.


Create Just Culture

In everything we do we work to develop just culture which extends beyond the clinical setting to encompass GME, UME, CME staff who learn to respect each other as key members of the team. We can go further to ensure that we are recognized as a valuable part of the educational system.


Encourage High Character

We challenge ourselves to learn and grown, striving to become the best version of ourselves. High character means building from our failures, valuing uniqueness in others around us, respecting ourselves and others, hearing what others say and value their opinion, building and investing in each other’s so we can take pride in the accomplishments of our ourselves and our peers.


Develop Advocacy

Develop tools and resources so everyone can learn and develop on how to lead themselves, to step up, to promote themselves and those around them. This requires leadership, we aspire to be examples and provide resources so everyone can work to be future leaders.


Invest in ESAS

The most important thing are the people. Everyone individual is unique and worthy of being known, respected, and valued. In whatever activity we take up we always want to invest in the Educational System And Staff (ESAS). We are ESAS and all members of the team should have access to the resources they need to be successful.

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Regional GME Information //coming soon...


Anonymous Concern for Education (ACE)

Submit an ACE to share with NSAMA
concerns, issues, or need for education

Hospital Employees

Job Description Clearing House

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Stang-up Meeting

GME/UME/CME Salary Information

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Modules on Advocacy

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