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MSAMA representation at ACGME National Conference

Updated: May 7, 2020

Multiple MSAMA members and leaders will be presenting at this year’s upcoming ACGME conference in San Diego February 27-29, 2020. The board recognizes and applauds this overwhelming representation of our organization at this national event!

· Lindsay Nemers & Laurie Dubois- Medical Education Research: A Toolkit for Administrators

· Kaytlyn Darling- Emotional Intelligence & Empathy- Why you need it, how to develop it, and how to teach it.

· Julie Beckerdite & Diana Wang- Remodeling the Budget Process: The bottom up approach.

· Tery Noseworthy- Managing up for the Mission: Developing successful relationships within your program

· Jennifer Wilson & Vanessa Goodwin (UVM) I’m a New Coordinator- Now What

· Barbara Burns & Elaine Danyew (Dartmouth) The Seasoned Coordinator: Maintaining the Magic/Enthusiasm for Managing a GME Program

· Britt Simonson, Laurie Dubois, Julie Beckerdite- Professional Development Initiatives: If you create it, they will come.

· Kaytlyn Darling & Tery Noseworthy- Shifting the focus- Coordinator centered networks for personal and professional growth

· Julie Beckerdite & Alicja Martins- The Unheard Voice- Engaging Coordinators in the GME conversation

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